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April 10th, 2014, 04:18 PM
Sort of humor to myself. Perusing some localish ebay items and saw a cartridge game for "Kids on Keys" (http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/kids-on-keys/screenshots/gameShotId,305762/) and then that name jogged my memory. "I'm pretty sure that's what I used to play on our first computer when I was young!". Off to the googlenet! Sure enough! Too funny. I'm a nerd I guess but I enjoyed the falling letter typing challenge and I always remember (in the DOS version) the little guy coming down in his hot air balloon, then as he ascended back in to the sky it sped up faster and faster with the function having less to draw lol. I had no idea it was ported to other systems or that it was apparently first for Atari and Commodore. Have to find it some time for kicks.

There he goes waving. Yup.. I still remember my 5 year old brain wondering where he goes or if he still exists when he's above the monitor. Not quite as stupid as it may stound.. I basically didn't know if the code was still running or if he still exists in "the computer"/RAM somewhere. I don't know.. I still wonder what animated gifs do when you scroll past them on the webpage.


A side comment my girls really enjoyed Amy's First Primer (Help the Froggy) which I also remember my younger brother and I having as a kid. Simple stuff to get kids interested and entertained by early computing.

April 13th, 2014, 04:35 PM
We had that back in the day for the Tandy 1000SL. It was pretty cool in that they had tweaked it for the Tandy 16-color CGA graphics...or maybe it was the sound it took advantage of...or both. Unfortunately, it was one of those where you were supposed to back up the disk before you did anything with it...which of course we didn't do. So...it's forever locked in to run on the originally floppy on a 16-color Tandy system. I seem to even recall KOK_IB_D.EXE to run it...scary...