View Full Version : Windows 3.1 and XGA2

April 11th, 2014, 03:15 PM
I'm trying to get the XGA2 drivers loaded for Windows but I'm running into an unexpected error.
I'm following Tavi's install instructions and using IBM's 2.12 drivers.

if you are running DOS / Win 3.x or Win95 get the DOS / Win 3.x drivers Ver2.12 . Run the Install from DOS and install the DMQS monitor profiles first. This avoids some error messages later on. Trust me. I'm not worried about DOS drivers, but if you are, install the DOS drivers before you leave the Install program.
NOTE: Do NOT load the DOS Adapter Interface device driver if you are using Windows. The DOS Adapter Interface drivers are not supported in OS/2 to run XGA resolution in a DOS full-screen, or DOS-window.

Reboot after installing DMQS.
Now for an existing Win3.1x installation, go to the Windows directory (eg- cd\windows) and run setup. Choose the video entry, go to Other, and type in the path a:\winv31 and hit enter (though a soft press works as well). You may need some of your Windows install disks. Be forwarned!
After going into Windoze, go to Main>Control Panel>XGA Setup. Choose the monitor profile that comes the closest to fitting your monitor. Display shows the Display attatched. Advanced shows the resolution and color depth of the display.

Everything goes fine up to when I start windows, at which point it complains that it can't find either MONF080.dgs or MONF0E0.dgs (and neither of these seem to be included in the 2.12 DMQS files (http://www.tavi.co.uk/ps2pages/ohland/xgsetup.html)) and then I lose video and have to reboot. I'm working with an IBM P201 so if I flip the DDC enable/disable to DISABLED and try again it still complains but I can get right up to the desktop however when I go to open the XGA control panel:

Your display type is not defined in the XGA Display Information Files, therefore no setup information is available. Select another display type.

It doesn't give me an option to select another display type. :| Have I missed a step or is it still unhappy with my monitor?