View Full Version : IBM PS/1 486SX 25Mhz - question and recovery disks

April 14th, 2014, 12:30 PM
Hi, back in my young days I had a PS/1, bought circa 1993. Unfortunately, it's been thrown away over a decade ago. It was the tower model so I think it must have been the 2168. It had a 486SX 25MHz soldered onto the motherboard along with 4MB RAM. There was no sound card.

No recovery disks were shipped with this machine, but one could create a set of floppy disks using a Windows program that was preinstalled. After creating the disks, one had the option to remove the recovery images from the harddrive to free disk space. I did try to reinstall the system on a blank HD using these recovery disks; the risks would automatically partition the disk, install DOS, setup DoubleSpace, install Windows etc. It all happened without requiring the user to do much of anything. It would be very interesting to see how this system and the scripts worked which brings me to my question. I would really like to get my hands on the recovery disks! Of course I would prefer to get a copy matching the machine I had but if that's not possible, any disks for a 2168 would do!

An interesting "mystery" which I never managed to solve was the following: When I restored everything using these recovery disks, the BIOS language would be in Danish (which corresponds to the country, Denmark, where the system was bought). However, if I later installed the upgrade to MS-DOS 6.2, the BIOS language would from then on switch to English with no way to turn it back. I don't know how this worked and why the standard MS-DOS 6.2 update could modify the BIOS language. I'm guessing maybe IBM had some language identifier or similar in the bootsector of the harddrive which the BIOS program looked at to determine the language. Maybe this was overwritten by the MS-DOS 6.2 upgrade. It could also be somewhere else than the bootsector, maybe the first cylinder of the drive.

Another possibility could be that the system was shipped/installed with an upgraded "overlay" BIOS stored somewhere on the disk and that this is what got overwritten. I'm guessing the recovery disks might shed more light on this.

Can anyone help me getting hold of these recovery disks or maybe even answer the "mystery" of the BIOS language? Thanks!