View Full Version : Need help making heads or tails of this bluetooth RS232 module

June 3rd, 2014, 11:42 AM
EDIT: Nevermind. I found some much better worded information on the web and also realized that I was looking at the wrong type of null modem cable. I'll post back if/when I get this working.



I'm very green to project boards, schematics and RS232. I thought this was going to be simpler at first but after re-reading the PDF, well it's in Engrish and there are what looks like 5 different pieces to the schematic, which doesn't make sense to me. The schematic on the top right looks like the only one I need. So far I wired up 3.3v and GND to make sure it worked as far as the bluetooth side is concerned. Now I'm just not sure how to wire it up to a serial port in the style of a null modem cable, if that makes sense. I looked at a wiring diagram for a null modem connection and it looks like there are several things missing, so maybe this isn't capable of doing what I want it to?

Any help is appreciated. The end goal is to have cheap wireless serial ports to connect older computers to newer equipment, so this may be of some use to others on here.