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June 8th, 2014, 01:25 AM
Hello there, I am new here and I want to ask you some questions about IBM 5150. Can you tell me how much this PC is worth?


June 9th, 2014, 09:40 AM
Where about are you located? (Country? State? You can add that info to your profile) Shipping costs takes a big chunk out of any sale, but it can be an advantage if you can find a local buyer.

The good news is that there is enough interest in 5150s that if you put it on eBay for a low price, it will likely get bid up to whatever it is worth.

The bad news is that just from the pictures, it looks to be in poor condition. The case looks banged up and it looks like there might be a little bit of corrosion on the back. But it might just need some cleaning or sharper pictures.

You can increase potential value by doing some "homework" cleaning, testing, and researching what is in it.

I'd start by removing the case cover and taking a picture of what is inside. I'm guessing this is a fairly stock configuration, but the condition of the insides is important.

If it looks good enough inside and you want to test it out, it looks like it has a CGA card. That means you can plug the composite output in to a standard TV just to see what it is doing. Since it has a hard drive, you may not need a boot disk. Just turn it on and see if it boots. Although given the condition, I wouldn't hold out much hope.

Also, is that a Microsoft mouse with it, or a clone mouse? What brand and model of keyboard is that?

Note that what you have appears to be a later "B" version. If you search for reference prices on eBay, it is important to note that the earlier revision 5150s are more rare and can sell for more.

June 9th, 2014, 10:32 AM
The big question is Does it work ?, It doesn't look anything special by the pics, It's the later model 5150 so not as valuable as the early model, impossible to give a valuation really, Like "someguy" said do a bit of testing / cleaning etc and it may end up a very nice machine.

June 9th, 2014, 11:18 AM
I will test it tommorow. The problem is I am from Croatia (Europe) but I don't think I will sell it here. Condition it's not so bad, it just haven't been used for like 15 or more years. I will post more pictures tommorow.

June 9th, 2014, 12:13 PM
"Model B" 5150s in fair to good cosmetic condition and OK working condition go for around $50 to $100, more or less -- probably less if you don't have the original keyboard for it. The more original accoutrements you have (manuals, software, boxes, etc.), the better. Include an original IBM 5151 or 5153 monitor and the value can almost double (although the shipping cost will as well!).

June 11th, 2014, 03:03 PM
I'm probably the furthest one for getting technical info, but I have to agree with the other members who have already replied to this thread. We are all assuming that this computer is one you already own. Is that correct? The Microsoft mouse (if it is indeed a Microsoft mouse) would appear to be the most valuable piece in the collection of parts, and peripherals, including the computer itself. I noticed too, that there is some rust, or corrosion in the connectors on the rear of the computer. Also, as noted, the computer appears to be fairly basic. The addition of the hard disc does little to add any value to the overall system either. In fact, the addition of a hard disc to a 5150 actually hurts the computer's inherent value since this particular model was never manufactured or released with a hard disc. The hard disc also required that the power supply be "upgraded" as well, so these items already hurt the value of the computer. Now if you have the original boxes, manuals, and documentation for any of the internal cards, and also had either a 5151 monochrome, or 5153 CGA color monitor, and the original keyboard, and the rust, or what appears to be rust, can be cleaned from the computer, you would fare much better in selling. However, including a monitor, and original keyboard would also add to the shipping cost. Follow the advice of the Masters; SomeGuy, Malc and vwestlife, and test, test, test! Cleaning the system of whatever is on the connectors, and the case, and the computer works; will go a long way in making the computer "saleable" and more desirable.

Good luck.