View Full Version : BONVU, any experience?

June 20th, 2014, 11:14 AM
I would like to purchase an item from USA to Spain using BONVU services. No eBay related.
The article is being sold by an online store located in USA who does not sell to foreign customers. It is nothing illegal to export, it is just a pen.
After registering, I have filled up a 'purchase form' on BONVU website. The purchase process is straightforward, but which is pretty weird is that BONVU asks me to pay immediatelly, without any verification !.
I mean, I write down the price, the name of the seller, the website where the seller is located, etc., and then BONVU adds its fee to the total amount, and thats all!. Then they ask to pay !
How is they do not verify the price, the shippings costs, availability, etc. before asking for payment ?

Does anyone have experience with BONVU for (no eBay) purchases ?