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June 27th, 2014, 03:09 AM

i recently salvaged 3 disks with an old spreadsheet software that predated Lotus-1-2-3.
The label reads

DEC Rainbow v1.0.21
Disk X/3
Serial number XXXXXX
20/20 is a trademark of Access Technologies Inc.

>Access Technology
>Ashford / Kent
>South Natick / MA

No manual turned up so far.
Unfortunately, a large percentage of the Tutorial (*.TUT) and Help files (*.HLP; HLP*.*) are physically damaged / unreadable.

The AT & T UNIX PC reportedly came with Supercomp pre-installed...

Alternate versions were announced for IBM mainframe, Prime, VAX or Data General (according to 'Creative Computing Vol 10 No 10' from 1984).

Are there any quick reference cards or other help files online (must have been a multi-platform project)...? :)

Thank you very much for ideas or responses,

August 10th, 2014, 08:03 AM
>No manual turned up so far.

RFKA has scanned the complete English manual and here it is:

There remains only one problem with the original disks - we found loads of " ID but no Data Found" on all three.

A deeper inspection with with DISK2FDI (plus cable) revealed that all tracks contain "IBM-type" 10 sector data with correct CRCs (as expected).

Was this some sort of copy protection? Or an artefact that appears only on PC drives (smaller heads; recycled disks; whatever)...?

None of our 3 Rainbows is functional, so we can't verify on a real machine.

August 28th, 2014, 05:10 AM
Solution: finally, i was able to read all 3 disks on a TEAC 5.25 " HD floppy drive.

The sync marks seemed odd and produced unreadable sectors (when reading with PC / BIOS means).

Disk2Fdi (with cable) came to the rescue. It made perfect raw copies with no bad spots (IMG files).

Unfortunately it requires an LPT port and DOS. The cable is a simple connection between 2 pins on the LPT port and the internal floppy cable.

It lets the parallel port interrupt pin "Acknowledge" trigger on the read signal. The Index signal is also read on the "Select" line (-> from Wikipedia)...


May 26th, 2016, 06:41 AM
Supercomp 20/20 was a great product for its time, because it ran on minicomputers. I think the ONLY one to do so. I used it on PR1ME computers in the early/mid 80s. At the time, the source code was also provided so we patched it to load data from our Sales and Marketing database - Addata (from Applied Decision Systems, and Temple Barker and Sloan).