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July 3rd, 2014, 05:11 PM
I'm trying to find a setup disk for my Wyse WY-2108. Primarily I'm looking for the proper cmos setup program, not sure what else might be on the disk. I don't know if their setup disks are specific to any one machine but I'd assume at least the ones for the 2106 and 2112 should work as well if anyone has them.

For now I was able to get the system mostly working with the really generic setupnu version floating around the web, but it doesn't appear to support the proper hdd setup.


July 9th, 2014, 09:05 AM
Well I hate to respond to myself in my own thread, but I've managed to find some Wyse setup programs on Rob O'Donnell's irrelevant.com website. Initially the setup disk images were missing but I contacted Rob and he was able to restore them. The files themselves were infected with the Dark_Avenger.2100.D virus which is why they were probably deleted at some point.

I pulled the setup programs from the images and was able to disinfect them, they're available at the following locations:
Wyse Setup and Test v3.00 (ftp://ftp.muleslow.net/pc/dos/bios/Wyse%20Setup%20and%20Test%20v3.00/SETUP.EXE)
Wyse Field Diagnostics Utility v1.07 (ftp://ftp.muleslow.net/pc/dos/bios/Wyse%20Field%20Diagnostics%20Utility%20v1.07/FDIAG.EXE)

These finally cleared the invalid settings error the system was complaining about on boot, and they also enabled the bios controls for the lcd and front panel buttons.

Also available are the DOS lcd driver/control program: Wyse LCD Panel Driver (ftp://ftp.muleslow.net/pc/dos/driver/lcdpanel.zip)


Doug G
July 11th, 2014, 05:26 PM
are disks necessary for that computer? I have the same computer but it hasn't been turned on since the days when it was one of my first home PC's. I don't recall any setup disks, I thought settings were somehow through the front panel lcd and pushbutton, but hey, my memory is pretty spotty after 25 years or so.

Thanks for the links, I'll download those images.

July 12th, 2014, 10:57 AM
I needed the setup program for everything, even to enable the lcd and front panel buttons, aside from reset. The first button displays time/date, cpu speed, and drive access; the second displays a gauge for something though I'm not sure what; and the third button still doesn't seem to do anything. I believe this is the same for the 2106, 2108, and 2112, as I had a 2112 a long time ago and it worked the same way but I never had the disks for that one either.

There are also a couple other, probably slightly newer models, though, that could be different. Be interested to find out what you actually have, and maybe you actually have some original disks hiding somewhere that you forgot about. :p


Doug G
July 12th, 2014, 12:44 PM
I have a WY2108-01 ; sn: 1rU1033027 ; p/n: 900274-01
I also have a wyse 386 WYSE 386/16 ; sn: 15U1013608 ; p/n: 900291-02

I'll look in my old disk drawer for any original disks, I haven't looked in it in years either. I know I have lots of old software I've forgotten about, just waiting to be catalogued.