View Full Version : Yet another song parody

Terry Yager
September 17th, 2006, 01:47 PM
Think Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues...

Propane Grillin' Blues

Well, I smell dat meat a-burnin',
It's a-burnin' on my grill.
I ain't never been a great chef,
An' I guess I never will!

Well, I'm stuck here by this Webber,
An' smoke keeps rollin' by...
An' dat Open Pit with Onions,
Jus brings a tear to my eye!

Well, I'll bet there's tater salad
Chillin' in da Fridge-a-dar.
An' mebbe a little moonshine,
In an ol' blue Mason jar! Well, I

I got to keep on Q-in',
My meat just can't be beat!
As I throw a little water,
Into that scorching heat!

Well, if they freed me from this kitchen
An' dat ol' gas grill was mine,
I know I'd trade it in an' buy
An ol'-skool charcoal kind!

Cauze I don't care much for Faux-Q!
I like my meat well-smoked!
And that smoke they sell in bottles,
It only makes me choke!