View Full Version : N'Awilnz, again

Terry Yager
September 17th, 2006, 03:21 PM
Jimmy Buffett once said that 'you can learn a lot from ol' winos in New Orleans'. and I took him at his word, and took the opportunity to converse with every street person I met there. One figure stands out from all the rest, WinoRon.

Ron taught me that there are only three kinds of blues in the world:

1). There's the blues that ya sing when ya want sum'n you cain't never have, and

2). The kinda blues ya sing when ya got sum'n ya don't want, but cain't git rid of, and

3). The third category encompasses all other bluez songs. It's a category known as the "Mean, Nasty, Dirty-Rotten, Low-Down, Stankin'-Assed Bluez."

I went home and wrote down my own song, The Gangrene Bluez.

Gangrene Bluez

I got gangrene, in New Orleans,
I got gangrene, like I never seen!
I got gangrene, up to my knee,
Worst thang that ever happened to me!

I got gangrene, can't stand the smell,
I got gangrene, I'm in livin' Hell!
I got gangrene, from the toxic mud,
Left behind by Katrina's flood!

I got gangrene, in my left foot,
I got gangrene, ain't doin' no good.
I got gangrene, I think my life is over,
Next time ya see me, I'll be pushin' up clover!

I got gangrene, in New Orleans,
I got gangrene, like you never seen.
I got gangrene, but I don't care,
I'd rather die here than anywhere!