View Full Version : Micro SD card on an SS-50 machine

August 26th, 2014, 05:01 AM
This is far from complete, but I've been playing around with an SS-30 parallel interface card connected to an Arduino with a micro SD card shield. The smarts about the file system are on the Arduino and a simple parallel protocol communicates back and forth between the two processors. The parallel board is something I made specifically for this project, but once it's all working I'm going to create a new board with the 6821, ATMEGA328, level converter and two micro SD cards on a single board.

A picture (not necessarily worth a thousand words):


The 6800 software can read disk directories, type files, load S19 binary files, etc. A driver for FLEX is mostly written so maybe I'll soon have a real DOS running on my SWTPC clone system.

I'll have this at VCF MW in a few weeks if someone wants to come play with it. Getting ready for the show has consumed a lot of time so the schematics and code aren't on-line yet but will be eventually.