View Full Version : 8" Drives and Byte Magazines--Now on Ebay

William Vaughn
September 12th, 2014, 01:24 PM
I've been chatting with a number of your members about my collection of 70's and 80's computer hardware, documentation and magazine collection(s). As I said before, I have just flushed the attic to discover dozens of boxes of treasures from my earliest computer days. I worked for Mostek, Challenge Systems and Digital Research before starting with Microsoft in '86.

So, I've already posted my entire Byte Magazine collection to eBay. Several years have already been sold (they're fixed-price items).

Today, I posted my loose 8" floppy drives. All of these drives were in service at one time or another so I knew they worked (once). I have no idea of their current state.

These include two Tandon 848-2 (1/2-height drives), two Shugart 800-2 drives and a Cromemco PFD (Persci 277) drive in a walnut case.

Look here if youíre interested. And feel free to pass this along to other interest groups or send me the links and Iíll do so.


Later today, I'll have the Kilobaud magazines posted.

Next will be the CompuPro 8/16 system which has generated quite a bit of interest from all over the world including Australia, the UK and France--not to mention the folks in the US that share my interest in S100 systems. I also have cases of Mostek, DRI and my own systems documentation, CP/M packaged product as well as cases of 8" media that has a variety of content. I worked on operating systems for Mostek as well as Challenge Systems and DRI so I expect some of those disks contain source code for these OSs. Unfortunately, I don't have a working system that I can use to read them so I have to rely on the faded labels. Perhaps I should try to fire up the Challenge Systems CS1000 to see if that will boot--assuming I can find a boot disk.