View Full Version : Any value/use for IBM Advanced 36 Type 9402 (and AS400e Type 9406)?

October 12th, 2014, 11:48 AM
Hello everyone

I have 2 IBM Advanced 36 Type 9402 minipc's (atleast I think they are minipc's) and one IBM AS400e Type 9406. I don't know much about vintages computers (I'm currently trying to get an Type 7976 up and running, but that is wayyy newer) and I lack the cables and such to configure them. Is there any use to those machines, or even to disassemble them for parts (they have some extention cards and HDD's)? I don't want to just waste them as scrap metal if at all possible. I have a few pics but if anyone wants to see more I can make some more.
(I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pics)