View Full Version : Looking for some System/360 console parts: buttons and lamps

October 21st, 2014, 04:13 AM
Hi all,
I agonised over whether to post this in the Mainframes forum or the Wanted forum, and the Mainframes forum seemed to me like a more fruitful venture... I hope it's ok putting it here.
So, to get to the point I'm looking for any (heh! all!) of the following parts to complete my System/360-40 panel:
A translucent white POWER ON button insert
An opaque red INTERRUPT button insert
An opaque red STOP button insert
A number of standard 360 or 370 console lamps. I need about 4 orange, 6 red and a dozen clear/white would be great, a few more if possible! I'm not fussy about the colours, even broken ones or just the bezel/lens, whatever you've got :)
This is what they look like:


I have a green START button insert, black GRASP button insert and a blue LOAD button insert currently occupying the positions I'm hoping to replace with the correct inserts when/if I find them. Any use to anyone?
Thanks for any help whether it be parts or leads or advice, anything. contact me here or at system360@aanet.com.au