View Full Version : "DOS Ready" installation for DOS-based PCs.

October 22nd, 2014, 10:50 PM
Here's a collection of drivers i'm using for my usual DOS-based PCs. This floppy disk-friendly (fit on a single 3.5" floppy disk) ZIP file globally contain:
-Config.sys and Autoexec.bat made to have plenty of free memory for most games
-Sound Blaster AWE64 (may work for SB16 and AWE32 too) drivers + Mixerset
-Cutemouse driver (work with PS/2 and Serial mouse)
-UNIVESA driver (v4.0)
-CD-ROM driver (generic AND Asus driver included)
-"Install.bat" batch file to copy, create folders and install everything in 1 command.

I mainly created that because i was sick of redoing all the commands over and over with my DOS-based PCs everytime i was setting up a new hard disk or new PC to test.

Note: the SET BLASTER line is set for AWE64 cards, you might have to set something different here if you use different ports and/or different SB card. Also, you may modify the Config.sys aud Autoexec.bat to your needs if you have different drivers.

Tested on many DOS-based PCs which have:
-DOS 6.22
-486 or Pentium processor
-UNIVESA-compatible video cards
-Serial or PS/2 mouse
-Sound Blaster AWE64 Value sound card
-standard IDE CD-Rom drive (not proprietary sound card CD-Rom drive!)

Anyway, sharing this here for everyone to use:

Edit: maybe a thank you and/or feedback on how it work on your computer would be welcome. thank you.

November 4th, 2014, 03:22 PM
did anyone tried it? i would like some feedbacks please...thank you.