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Phil Saunders
October 30th, 2014, 03:16 PM
Can anyone point me at a copy of the Disk Set that came with the Amstrad PC2086, or failing that a copy of the DEVICE.COM program that came with this machine?

This must be the most elusive disk set ever - I've found copies of every other machine's system disks, but not this one!

I know I can use any version of DOS - assuming I can get it on 720K disks - but I can't change the CMOS drive type for the floppies without this Amstrad-specific program. This means I'm stuck with 720k boot floppies, even if I change the drive. The FDC supports 1.44, but it won't work in HD mode unless the drive type is changed in the CMOS, or I use a DRIVPARM line in config.sys (on the 720k boot disk :confused:)