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September 26th, 2006, 07:23 PM
I got one of these from goodwill today, and it's pretty neat but I don't have a monitor to test it with. I got the computer, but the stock monitor and stand would have cost over $35 and that's too much for me now. I may go back for them but I dunno. I can get a different monitor from somewhere. It takes CGA and all I have are VGA right now. I'll pick one up from somewhere or see if I can adapt the VGA that I have. I'm gonna take it apart and see what's inside and do som more lookin up.

I opened it up as much as I could and find that it has a miniscribe model 8450XT hdd, with a neat little fan on the side of it. What I could find was at obsoletecomputermuseum.org and it apparently had a heating problem and a noisy drive. These miniscribes were certainly noisy. It turns out I didn't even have to open the case to get to the drive, it sits in a cartridge deal that slides out with a little prying. Interesting machine.

/edit again
I looked again and found that I have some kind of memory upgrade. There's an 8-bit expansion slot and a memory slot. The one over at OCM has the really cool 90-degree adapter for an 8-bit card but mine is missing that. I do have that nifty memory upgrade, though. Also, I couldn't get the silvery EM shield off when I took it apart, the screws were in really tight and they threatened to strip on me when I tried. I was thinking of performing a few hijinks from Mad Mike's thread with the LED and reset switch.

Can anyone suggest how to use that 8-bit slot? I'd really like a net card for it but don't know if any of the ones I have will work (full length ISA, this is not). Ideas??