View Full Version : Practical Wireless "Easy-Writer" -a TV Typewriter workalike for the British market.

January 23rd, 2015, 05:46 AM
Hi All,

I've recently dug through my pile of Practical Wireless magazines and come across something that may be of interest in the 1976 issues...


It's a construction guide with PCB layouts for a TV Typewriter like project. I only have parts one and four at the moment but I've found the rest on ebay and I'll be uploading scans to archive.org as I go.

Stay tuned!

January 23rd, 2015, 06:35 AM
Part 1: https://archive.org/details/Part1_20150123

Part 4: https://archive.org/details/PWVideoWriterPart4

January 23rd, 2015, 07:08 AM
interesting, please let me know when the other parts are done...

January 25th, 2015, 08:08 AM
Looks interesting thank you