View Full Version : Compaq Armada 1750

January 25th, 2015, 12:47 PM
I just recently got this beast from my dad, with the intent of using it as an intermediary laptop, to run old software and some older games, and as a terminal, since my HP ZE5155 had an unfortunate accident.

The laptop has 192mb of ram with a 6.4gb hdd, on a p2 333, all bolted to a 440bx chipset. I got it with XP on it, and there are uninstall files for a previous OS, however i keep getting "Windows cannot uninstall do to hard drive letters changing yada yada yada" which i attribute to the diagnostic partition being gone, so i gparted the drive, moved the xp partition back 9mb, since the diags partition calls for 2mb free at the beginning to create it, which i have, now it stops saying it can't continue because of a missing MBR entry, so i'm thinking i should just wipe the drive completely, restore the diags and download the custom tools from compaq.

The question is, should i look into upgrading this a bit and keeping XP, or which i have been considering, keeping it as is, and either plopping windows 3.11 WFW, 98se or ME on it and calling it a day?

There are reports around google that this laptop will take up to 300+mb of ram, and maybe a 100+gb hard drive, with a p3 500, i've got the hard drive and the ram, but is the P3 worth the hassle?