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February 5th, 2015, 10:23 AM
In my quest to hand build an S-100 machine, I'd like to ask the opinion of the group as to what the best S-100 board there was that used the WD2793. Why? Because I have a couple of these laying around, and, well, I might as well use it. And probably a board design that isn't 'smart' (using an onboard processor for instance). I don't currently have a drive, so I wouldn't care about 5-1/4 and/or 8 inch support.

That brings up another question. Those drives had drive belts in them, and like most drive belts, they will wear out. Does anyone know of any drives being currently manufactured, or someone that has maintenance/repair parts for these things?

February 8th, 2015, 04:55 AM
Hi All;
MykeLawson, I would go to John's site to look up some examples of what there was.. He mentions a few Boards, while giving some History of using the WD2793 for the Board that He and Andrew Designed.. I have one and the Board is Quite Good.. And would be alot less Headaches for You then Wire-Wrapping and Designing Your own.. Now for Learning and then Designing You own then that would be the way to go.. Before I got a Board from John, I had Wire-wrapped a Tarbell 1010 bottom end and John's Schematic for the top end using the WD2793.. Without any internal Processor to control it..
"" I don't currently have a drive, so I wouldn't care about 5-1/4 and/or 8 inch support. "" Then 'WHY' go to all of that trouble, unlees you are thinking of using 3.5" drives..
The only other Board that I have with WD2793's is my Advanced Digital Corp. Board, which is where I got my WD2793's from.. But, it has a Z80 CPU , onboard Memory, onBoard Floppy Controller and Serial Ports..


February 8th, 2015, 06:22 AM
Thanks for the interesting history JDallas. SD always had great boards. Even back with their first Z80 board (which I seem to remember they contracted out). Their 64K DRAMs were outstanding. Have most of the SD boards. All were very reasonably priced. FYI the Versafloppy II had 1791 chips (I have 2 boards here). If you have any better pictures/manuals of the boards here:-

it would be great to post them for posterity/the future.