View Full Version : best web browser for vintage x86 platforms?

Mike Chambers
October 6th, 2006, 12:08 AM
i'm sure this has been discussed plenty on here before, but considering the nature of this website only so much can be said before some question is rehashed :)

whats the best (Graphical) web browser for older x86 machines? i know arachne is an excellent browser and i currently use it. my problem is that it is SO SLOW! the guy who programmed it must have some damn sloppy spaghetti string code in there or something.. i dont know. i tried it on an athlon xp 2400+ (2.0 GHz) the other day under PURE DOS 6.22 (not windows cmd prompt) and it was horrible. took a good 4 seconds just to download and process google.com's home page.

i know theres lynx which is really fast, but obviously it's only text. that can be enough usually, but sometimes you need to see graphics.

i've been half-thinking about trying my hand at writing a new DOS browser from scratch after i finish up my DOS IRC client. it probably won't amount to much, but i'd like to see what i can come up with. maybe some of you would like to help. perhaps something nice could be made. something with a good balance of features vs. performance.

i don't even consider windows 3.x browsers when using vintage machines due to windows' massive overhead. i'm actually typing this right now on a 486 DX2/100 using IE 3.01 in wfw3.11 which is fine if the system is 486+

IE301 was unbearable when i tried it on my 386 DX/40 with 3 MB of extended RAM. thank God i have 64 MB in this machine! :eek:

it's slower doing this than exiting out to DOS and using arachne, but i wanted to use mIRC too so i needed windows.

ah well enough babbling anyway... maybe theres some good browser app out there i've never heard of before?