View Full Version : IBM 604 Accounting Machine Principals of Operation Manual

February 19th, 2015, 04:57 PM
I have in my possession an IBM 604 Principals of Operation manual. Here's a digital copy: http://ed-thelen.org/comp-hist/IBM-604-PO.pdf

The manual is extremely old (1948,1949), and it's in pretty great condition considering it was found in a shed that was falling in (it only has a couple spots on the front cover where a bug decided to eat it).

Anyways, the manual is just setting in an air-tight bag in my closet. I'd like to do something with the manual, but I'm not sure what. I've reached out to a couple of museums that actually have one of these machines about lending it to them for display. The one museum that did reply did not have a need for the manual at the time.

I'd prefer not to give it away, but I'm not objected to it. I've thought about putting it on eBay and putting the money towards my own collection (and therefor savethemachine.org). Though, I'm worried that there's not a market for something this rare or specific.

I'm open to all ideas if anybody has any suggestions. Have you ever donated items to any of the larger computer museums? If so, how do you feel about it?