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March 11th, 2015, 12:54 AM
Hello every one, i read that exist one thread on powertran that explaine more on hardware problem.. i start a new post for have help in software. I new in powertran machine, i start at use emulator for learn on this computer ( i no have real machine) and found a little hard how use the basic. My memory on basic is on TI-Basic used on TI99. I try at read a basic game listate on emulator but is hard.. question.. is possible using emulator print the listate or export it in ascii mode in mode that i can read with word or print it??
Thanks Ermanno

March 12th, 2015, 03:07 AM
This is Stuart explaine.. work perfect!!!! Very usefully for import/export basic program from Cortex to TI99 and VS.
Thanks again!!
How i have news i continue this thread.


Hi Ermanno. You want to be able to list a BASIC program to a text file on the PC? It's possible using the serial terminal feature of the emulator, but takes a couple of steps:

(1) Load the program into the emulator.
(2) In the emulator, select Terminal > Serial Terminal from the menu. This should display a second window.
(3) Select Terminal > Start Terminal Log from the menu. This will display a Windows file dialog where you specify the file to list the program to. By default the file will have a .trm extension, but it's just a plain text file.
(4) At the Cortex prompt in BASIC, type UNIT 2<Return>. Everything that appears on the screen will now also be sent to the serial terminal window. And everything sent to the serial terminal window will be captured in the log file.
(5) At the Cortex prompt in BASIC, type LIST<Return>. You should be able to work out what's going to happen.
(6) Select Terminal > Stop Terminal Log from the menu. The plain text log file now contains the program listing.
(7) Typing UNIT -2<Return> at the BASIC prompt will stop output going to the serial terminal window.

I'm expecting someone to point out a far easier way to do it that I've missed!