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October 10th, 2006, 07:14 PM
Posting for someone who is looking for an old Apple II educational adventure game. Here is his description of it.

The game I was looking for.. It was a graphic/text-adventure type, like Sherwood Forest or Transylvania, where there was a drawn picture of the area you were in in the top 3/4 or so of the screen, and the bottom 1/4 had about 4 lines of text there, where you would type commands. I remember it was a bit of an educational type, because there was some places where you could do some simple math to earn gold pieces in the game. Actually, I'm sure it was an educational program, because it came with a teacher's guide that had all the answers to the puzzles in the game.

The story line was something like, you've crash landed on this island and you have to find your way off. I remember there was a water bottle that you had that showed up on the right(?) side of the screen, and every time you moved the water level would go down by one line of pixels. You could refill your bottle with water at a place that was like S, E, E, E from the starting point. You couldn't die in the game, if you screwed up or ran out of water, you'd pass out and wake up somewhere back near the beginning.

Of course I don't remember the important things like what it was named or who made it. We never actually owned any Apple ii variety of computer, but my mom was a school teacher, so during the summers she would borrow a IIe from the school, and this was one of the programs that was brought home. Hmm that's all I can think of right now to describe it.

I will pass on any info on it.

Take Care,

nige the hippy
October 11th, 2006, 04:06 AM
It wasn't "The Hobbit" was it?

October 11th, 2006, 04:34 AM
Or "Monkey Island"? :-) If it was purely educational, chances are slim someone knows of the game. I tried some search terms and look in expected places, but drew blanks.

Edit: Maybe I misunderstand the search results, but there seems to be a game called Apple Island (among all the resorts).

Edit 2: Or not. I found a ftp archive. Due to I'm unsure whether mods on this forum want members to post links to abandonware sites, I encode it in clear text:

ftp dot apple dot asimov dot net slash pub slash apple_II slash images slash games slash adventure

You could browse around there.

October 11th, 2006, 04:46 AM
Not sure they made an 5.25 version of Monkey Island for the apple II/IIe. I Will have to look to see if they ever did.

Take Care

October 11th, 2006, 01:23 PM
Among the items (including a number of Apple II & higher, with replacement parts still NIB) I got in a school lot a few years ago is about four large boxes of Apple II 5-1/4" diskettes with educational programs. Maybe I can inventory the original diskettes in diskette cases & binders by this weekend (I think a great deal are going to be redundant). Otherwise they are just sitting around with me.

October 12th, 2006, 08:27 AM
No it was not "the Hobbit" he has that one. His is a little more info he gave.

I'm almost certain this game didn't have any combat. The story line in this game involved a plane crash at the beginning, but I don't think that was any more than just introduction text motivating stranding you on an island. I remember at the very end of the game the last guy would give you some clues to figure out a number, and the number was always a 3-digit palindrome like 373.. I think one of the clues that sometimes came up was that the number was prime.

October 21st, 2006, 11:45 PM
The Apple II's standard mixed graphics mode included 4 lines of text at the bottom of the screen; thousands of programs match that part of your description since that capability was built into the hardware.

The educational aspect and plot narrows it down considerably.

I'd suggest you download AppleWin and visit the ftp site referenced earler, under its Educational Software section.

Happy hunting!

March 30th, 2015, 08:38 PM
After years of searching, I've finally found the name of this game. It's called "In search of the Secret Stone" and it was published by Creative Publications. I discovered it when I came across the pictures of the manuals and disks here:

I still have not found the actual game. If anyone happens across a copy, let me know...

April 30th, 2015, 04:08 PM
kanato, I'm thrilled for you! I'm on a similar quest... I'm curious, based on your reply, are you Geo3, the thread creator? If so, I would love to get in touch with you regarding a similar situation that I think you may be able to help me with.