View Full Version : Imagraph AGC-1024P

March 31st, 2015, 10:05 PM
It's hardware, but I need software!

This is a CAD card which doesn't initialise like a normal video card would at startup. I have the Demo Disk but no drivers.

What I'd love is some recommendations on software which supports it, and or if anyone knows where I may be able to locate some drivers. The manual indicates that drivers were available for AutoCAD, pCAD, and even Microsoft Windows. This card was also used on the IBM RT - so any AIX, AOS, or similar drivers or software for the RT would be fantastic too - then I could run XWindows on my RT/135.

Any information welcomed :)

(For those unfamiliar, it's from the late 80's and does 1280x1024 in colour - 1MB VRAM - uses 5 x BNC)