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April 5th, 2015, 06:08 PM
I am aware of the default 4 primary partition limit for HDDs (unless using some other multi-boot programs that can break that limit). In this case I just need the 4 primaries. I have an 80GB HDD. The first primary partition has 2GB DOS/Win3.1 FAT16 partition. The second primary partition is a 2GB Win95 FAT16 partition, The third primary partition is a FAT32 Win98 partition. I now want to make a new 4th primary partition on the same HDD and install Win2000 on it. Right now I've got BootMagic on the Win95 partition (I don't recall why I put it there - I probably added BootMagic after installing Win95 when I already had a Win31 partition but hadn't yet added a Win98 partition).

When I install Win2000 I think it is going to replace the boot record seeing Win 2K is a business OS different from the DOS-though-Win98 consumer family. I like using BootMagic and would like to install Win 2K on the new 4th partition but not sure of the best procedure to do so and end up being able to use BootMagic to control te multi-boot after Win2K is installed. I THINK to install Win2K via BootMagic I might have to disable and uninstalled it from the Win95 partition and reinstall it on the Win98 partition before trying to install Win2K using the BootMagic OS installer from Win98 because Win98 supports FAT32 whereas the Win95 partition doesn't (I know when Win2K installs its going to try to install Win2K's ntloader). Is this the best sequence and procedure to end up adding Win2K to a new 4th primary partition to co-exist peacefully with my existing Win31/Win95/Win98 partitions and BootMagic?


April 6th, 2015, 12:25 AM
Not sure that you need any bootloader with Windows/2000. As you say it has a NT bootloader which has a Boot.ini file to allow multiple OS's to be booted:-


if you want to hide partitions from w2k then perhaps this article here:-


might help....

April 6th, 2015, 04:31 AM
Thanks! I'll try that procedure in the 2nd article. I had tried to hide all 3 of the non-Win 2K partitions before installing Win2K, but I was trying to install Win2K into the 4th partition on the HDD and not into the first 2GB partition, maybe that is where I took the wrong turn.