View Full Version : Windows for GRiD discovered

April 26th, 2015, 03:14 AM
I picked up this stack of floppies somewhere a few years ago, assuming there was something useful on them and since GRiD stuff, especially in software form, generally does not move around much.
I was up early and bored and decided to poke through the setup.ini file. Turns out this is the six disk install set to install Windows 3.1 for Pen Computing on a GRiDpad 2050 and GRiD 2260. This is actually kind of useful to anyone with those series tablets (and possibly similar models) because the display drivers among one or two other things is OEM and not interchangeable between other 90's "Penabled" tablets like the Compaq Concerto or the Thinkpad 730T. I've since archived the disks using rawrite but are they any immediate interest to anyone?