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May 10th, 2015, 02:17 PM
Hello there!

I'm building a gaming system for late 90's games and plan on using a SB LIVE 5.1 instead of the int chipset audio. The SB card supports SB 16 and pro emulation which will be a great help when playing some of the older games on it.

Does anyone here know where I can get the drivers for it? I tried to install some drivers from the Creative site but they did not work, they can't see the card. It might be dead, but I would like to try some cd-rom images first, that came with such cards.

I have installed the motherboard chipset drivers, gpu drivers and the int audio drivers. DirectX 9.0b

The setup:
Computer: Optiplex GX110
2x 128MB pc-100 ram
100Gb HDD
SB Live! 5.1 (SB01000)
Generic floppy/cdrom/usb drivers installed and working. Installed generic usb 2.0 disk drive support.

I am also looking for a video card to fit my system, I have one free PCI slot and maybe I can put a 16MB card in it? any ideas or suggestions?

May 11th, 2015, 12:07 AM
Does anyone here know where I can get the drivers for it? I tried to install some drivers from the Creative site but they did not work, they can't see the card. It might be dead, but I would like to try some cd-rom images first, that came with such cards.
Have you seen the Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 CDs at http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=33023

May 11th, 2015, 12:45 AM
Yeah, you'll want the Vogons copy of the CD's as creative links you to completely the WRONG drivers that don't work worth ****.

Also beware that depending on the ACPI implementation the Live 5.1 may have a 'crackle' that gets worse depending on how often interrupts are firing, that can cause the audio to cut in and out. It's worst on VIA chipset boards but most pre Pentium 4 era motherboards suffer from this incompatibility. The BEST fix is to simply turn off ACPI and manually configure IRQ's in the BIOS. I've seen problems range from the normal crackle, to a popping when you type, to the problems STOPPING during typing, to the card being recognized but refusing to play sound.

Which is a shame because when it WORKS, the Live is a brilliant card thanks to the EMU10k processor. I've got a board called a EMU Morpheus that has FOUR of them on it just for use as a midi synth and realtime audio mixing.

Example of stuff I was doing back then using nothing but a live 5.1 and a morpheus -- like having five Live's in one system... and yes, I was doing the Tom Jones lounge singer routine. Spy on me baby use satellite, infrared to see me move through the night.

For a real laugh, here's something a bit more modern -- and this is ALL synths, even the leads. (though I'm playing the lead on EWI -- even the jazz guitar is being played on wind controller with pedals controlling the chords -- REAPER ROCKS!)

The backup for that is an Audigy 2 ZS, software synths and the Morpheus card. All the Emu chip based Creative cards are VASTLY underestimated in capabilities. Hell, just the ability to internally record its own outputs is something sorely lacking in even the more expensive/advanced stuff today! (Xonar, Xi-Fi) or missing from the modern drivers. The "what u hear" channel for recording not being present/supported in the newer drivers unless you use unofficial ones. (thanks daniel_k over at creative's forums for his STUNNING efforts on that front!)

If I were building a system with that configuration, I'd be looking to see if I could get a Voodoo II into it assuming you already have video in the system (on the mobo?) -- it would be period correct and let you play some games that don't have 'modern' DirectX/OpenGL support. Beats the hell out of using a Glide emulation. They crop up on e-fence from time to time for sub $100, a good price IMHO being $50 to $80 depending on if it's the 8, 12 or 16mb versions.

May 11th, 2015, 04:48 AM
I will be going to a thriftstore in a few days, thay have tonnes of dirty cheap old computer hardware.

Selling cards from 8-bit ISA to AGP/PCIA for $2, and any game they have for around 1$. Modern DVD games but also CD games and a few floppy boxed games.

I also think that they have some old hard drives and cdrom drivers, ram, displays, cpu's and all the Jazz. Hopefully they still have a Pentium I or 486 somewhere for $20

I never bothered with that before, but I really got into this hobby now and plan to pick them clean of any usable >2000 hardware. Stashing up big time on old hardware.

They even had a C64 with the first floppy drive and a casette drive with software, a C64 printer too! but I already have a C64

Is anyone interested in an Machintosh Classic or an IMac? they have a non-working one for $15

Sadly, from what I understand... the thriftstores in the UK and US are big commercial companies that no longer accept such old hardware.

May 13th, 2015, 01:03 PM
I bought an other Live! card, a pre-pentium 4 pci card this time. It is a CT4780

I can't find a driver for it on Vogons, could anyone check for me? I may have missed it. I installed a Value driver from Vogons but that does not seem to work. I get no sound when I use the Creative diagnostics.

It seems to work with DOS games when switching from win98se to DOS mode though.