View Full Version : PC-DOS 7.x and RAMBOOST.

May 14th, 2015, 06:15 AM
Hi all,

I have hopefully just resolved a long standing problem that i have had running IBM PC-DOS 7.x / 2000 and it's ram optimizer RAMBOOST. Ramboost works by dynamically re-calculating the optimum memory organization (what to load high etc) every time that config.sys or autoexec.bat are changed, so that you always have the maximum free base memory. It does this by detecting the change, going into learn mode, calculating the optimum and then rebooting again into active mode.

I have a DOS VM that I have running under VMWare player. I found that when ever I made a change to autoexec.bat / config.sys it triggered the learn mode phase, but then ramboost would stay in learn mode claiming that ramboost.ini had changed.

This seems to be related to the date, I have found that setting the date to Jan 1 1999, will allow the learn mode to complete and the machine to then boot into active mode. Once back in active mode the date can be set correctly and the machine will stay in active mode.

At a guess i would say that Ramboost probably isn't completely year 2000 complient, despite being included in PC-DOS 2000 which supposedly is :)

I thought I would document this here incase anyone else ran across the same problem, hopefully a web search will find the solution here.



May 14th, 2015, 07:39 PM
You may want to switch to a setup using UMBPCI. It appears to support VMWare without a problem and doesn't place the system into protected mode to enable UMBs. Depending on your device driver configuration, it shouldn't be too hard to hand optimize loading of device drivers. I had RAMBOOST on my first PC running PC-DOS 6.1, it wasn't all that great back in 1993 and was quickly replaced with QEMM.