View Full Version : Lost Eden (PC) freezing problem

June 5th, 2015, 03:08 PM
I don't know what's wrong, but with my copy of Lost Eden, i KNOW it was running well on my computer at the time (386SX 25Mhz, 4mb RAM, SB Pro, CDRom 1x...) but then a year or so ago, i tested it on many old PCs and it freeze, everytime i talk to the guard (Thugg), the game just freeze.

I tried on many different setups since a year ago and it always freeze everytime someone is about to talk:
-Pentium 3 733Mhz (SB AWE64, 512mb SDRAM, CDrom 6x)
-Pentium 75Mhz (SB AWE64, 32mb RAM, CDrom 4x)
-Pentium 100Mhz (SB AWE64, 64mb RAM, CDrom 6x)
-Pentium 200MMX (SB AWE64, 128mb SDRAM, CDrom 32x)
-AMD 486 DX4-100Mhz (SB AWE64, 32mb RAM, CDrom 4x)
-Intel 486DX2-66Mhz (Write-back) (SB AWE64, 24mb RAM, CDrom 4x)

Don't get me wrong, all other games of that era from Cryo just work fine.

June 18th, 2015, 03:26 PM
You could try another copy to rule out "dirty" cdrom scratches

I wonder if that SB AWE64 is causing some incompatibility problem - game uses special audio driver that's different from other Cryo games?

Although I know that Blackthorne has some problems with I think MIDI playback with too fast systems like Pentiums - too short loading times cuts short some background data streaming.

Those would be my guesses. Sorry couldn't help more.