View Full Version : RASE80 CPU Board and RASEFDC Floppy Disk Controller

June 18th, 2015, 03:22 AM
Hi All,

I have just recovered my S100 System that has been in storage for the last 20+ years. It was given to me in the late 1980s for services rendered.

I had a quick play with it way back, and it was put into storage until 2 days ago.

There are 2 CPU boards, a floppy disk controller board and 4 ram boards, 7 boards in total.

My goal is to resurrect it and have a working system.

I will pair the system with a pair of Micropolis 77 track 100 TPI drives, this will naturally be a custom build.

I have the following boards:

Thinker Toys WunderBuss 12 slot back plane with power supply, it lives in an aluminium case with a key switch and reset button, power neon and a substantial fan, there is no model, serial or make on the case :-(

Cromenco ZPU CPU Board

Thinker Toys SuperRam 32K (64 x MM5257 Ram chips)

Morrow SuperRam 16K (32 x 2114 Ram chips)

64K Static Ram - Digital Research Computers (populated with 16 x HM6116 Ram chips), sockets for the additional 32K

I have already sourced manuals for everything above.

What I am looking for is information on the following:

SM Electronics 16K Ram board (C) 1978 MJ Pratt (I believe this was designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia)


Does anyone know anything about this board or can point me at some documentation?
A general search of Google shows nothing.

Now the two interesting boards, I also suspect these were made in Australia.

RASE80 CPU board, Z80, EPROM/Static RAM sockets, has 1 x 6116 2K Static Ram, an unknown EPROM and another EPROM labelled, Rase80 Monitor V2.02 E000H, I have another EPROM not shown labelled Rase80 Monitor V2.02 F000H, the board also has 2 serial ports and an 8255 connected to a 50 pin connector (I suspect a Centronics port) and a real time clock.


Does anyone have any information on this board and or documentation?

I will reverse engineer the Monitor ROM if need be and see what that reveals, as a last resort.

The Rase80 CPU board also has on it: "RASE80 CPU Board RDEV 83"

Last of all is the RaseFDC board (it has a WDC FD1795B-02 Single/Double density floppy disk controller chip)


Does anyone have any information on this board and or documentation?

Thanks and Cheers, Martin...