View Full Version : Introducing XTOMYDEV 0.1.1 and Tutti II

June 27th, 2015, 06:36 PM
About a year ago I finally cracked the tape format for the Tomy Tutor, the first computer I ever had as a kid and a close relative of the TI-99/8, and generated a set of tools (collectively called "XTOMYDEV") that could decipher data from the computer into a bitstream, manipulate or display that bitstream in human-readable formats, and send binary data back to the Data Recorder for the Tutor to read without special hardware. These tools are written in Perl and run under Cygwin, OS X (10.4+) or Linux/*BSD with Perl 5.8.6 or higher. This update fixes a bug with detokenizing BASIC text on any program of substantial size, and you can get the components from http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/xtomydev/

However, the other update is Tutti II, which has quite a bit of history to it. Between 1998 and 2003, I maintained the original "simulator" of the Tutor, running on the Commodore 64, called Tutti (http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/tutti.html); it wasn't until 2003 that Ian Gledhill wrote TutorEm, which was the first true emulator with full 9995 emulation and sufficient 9918A support. With Ian's permission I've taken TutorEm, fixed its bugs and performance issues, ported it to Mac OS X, and added the ability to load and save XTOMYDEV bitstreams, making it the first Tomy Tutor emulator to fully support tape operations. In honour of these early emulators I've christened it "Tutti II."

Tutti II is still limited; it does not yet support sound, joysticks, cartridges or custom ROMs. If you just want to play a quick game of Traffic Jam, the MESS Tutor driver is still king. However, its tape acceleration allows it to load and save a six-minute GRAPHIC image in under three seconds, even on a low-spec Power Mac, and it includes Ian's excellent 9995 debugger, snapshot and turbo facilities, and a command-line ROM disassembler. I have tried to keep it portable so that it can run on other platforms that support SDL 1.2 (TutorEm was originally a Windows app). Demo tapes and source code are included. It will run on any Mac (PowerPC -- natch -- and Intel) with 10.4 or higher; tested on Yosemite on my i7 MBA and Tiger on my quad G5. You can get documentation and downloads from http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/xtomydev/tutti2.html

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I look forward to your comments. For general info on the Tomy Tutor, its TI-99/8-like architecture and the things it could do, check out the rest of the site: http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/