View Full Version : How can I fix WinRAR Error?

July 20th, 2015, 01:43 AM
I have an evaluation copy of Win RAR in my Windows 2003 server.
Today I tried to unzip a file which is around 7 GB in size, after completing the unzip I am getting an error "The file currept". I am doing the same for the last couple of weeks.

What will be root cause of this problem.

Please advice

July 27th, 2015, 01:49 PM
In WinRAR apply recovery function via next steps…
> Open the WinRAR application. Click on "File" and then "Open Archive" and browse to the damaged .RAR file.
> Press "Alt" + "R" on your keyboard. This will bring up the WinRAR repair dialog screen.
> Designate an easy-to-find location in the "Folder to put the repaired archive" box.
> Check the box that says, "Treat the corrupt archive as RAR."
> Press the "OK" button. Once it has finished repairing, a new archive will be built and placed in the location you designated.
> If instruction for WinRAR can't assist you make use of RAR Repair Toolbox https://www.repairtoolbox.com/rarrepair.html