View Full Version : A New S-100 BUS Breakout Board

July 21st, 2015, 08:45 AM
I have a new batch of the S-100 Bus Breakout board for any of you that may be interested.
The board is used mainly for diagnostics. The purpose of the board is to bring all the 100 bus signals
to the front of the card. If you've ever tried to get your logic probe on the right pin, especially those
on the rear it's difficult. All pins are marked and have a through hole. You can add pins so it makes
connecting your logic analyzer easier.


Power LED's for +18, +8 and -16
Power Test pads for +18, +8 and -16
Built in 5VDC regulator to power logic probe/Analyzer
Gold plated Pins
All bus pins labeled with signal names
Small form factor 1.750 x 8.750

If you interested and would like one contact me. caprio (at) uxpro (dot) com
Kits are $12 which includes domestic shipping.

They can also be found on eBay. Price is $15.
or at http://s100parts.com ($12). Use coupon code 'vintage' for free shipping.