View Full Version : CP/M 2.2 compatible to CP/M 2.2???

August 3rd, 2015, 10:47 PM
Hello, yesterday I experimented a little bit with my Olivetti ETV 250 and 22disk. As the Olivetti boot disk has only a very limited choice of external CP/M commands (just stat and pip) I copied some CP/M 2.2 system commands from an in internet source to a test diskette and wanted to try them. But after executing two of them, the ETV only detected BDOS error on that diskette. One more command and the ETV resetted. ALways after reboot the diskette was again readable.

THe CP/M commands came from a collection of files which also included sources of CP/M os and more, I downloaded it somewhere during the last half year. Archive name was cpm22b.zip. So the conclusion at the moment is, that I can't use CP/M 2.2 commands from just any source to on my Olivetti CP/M 2.2. Is that correct?

Anyhow, ZORC 1,2,3, mbasic and a few other applications I tryed ou just worked fine. At some applications there an installer comes with which asks which system I have (supercalc for example), I think this is to setup the capabilities of the video controller. Does anyone knows what answer would be the closest to support the ETV besides the ANSI setting?