View Full Version : Wameco QMB-9 S100 kit

August 16th, 2015, 10:09 AM
I've just purchased a Wameco QMB-9 S100 board kit with instructions but partially assembled. It has the 9 S100 sockets, +12, -12 and 5v regulators soldered in
but no filter caps or termination resistors. So far several questions:

1) I think this has been asked many times but do the 22 uf caps specified need to be tantulum?
For supply line filter caps I don't think they would need to be stable as far as value.

2) Is 22 uf the standard value for filter caps on the DC supply lines?
They seem pretty small to be 22 uf. I have a Compupro DISK1 card that one shorted and I clipped so if I'm ordering some I'll replace it.
I'm wanting to make sure it's 22 uf and not .22 uf (point 22). The instructions I have are printed copies that could easily be missing the decimal point.

3) Maybe they are tantulum to keep the size small ? If tantulum is not available are there other equivalent types?

3) If I only use 2 or 3 cards do I need the termination resistors / caps?
I may solder them in anyway for completeness and practice. My soldering ability has been dormant for many years ... :)

Larry G