View Full Version : Testing the Compupro Interfacer 4 with diagnostics

August 29th, 2015, 06:21 AM
Now that my CompuPro system is back online I had a request from Gary (gekaufman) about setup for the Interfacer 4. I created a boot disk with the diagnostics from Dave Dunfield's diagnostics image. It included a program I4TEST.COM and I got it to work !! I took some pictures of the setup. I have my laptop running ProComm on the System Support 1 as console, My Televideo crt terminal which I connected to each serial channel on the IF4 and echoed some keystrokes. Evidently the test outputs to each com channel simultaneously. I just switched the cable to each channel and kept typing. There is a training manual 1984 online that tells about using it but no detail whatsoever. I included a picture of the IF4 board which shows clearly my switch settings. I think they are the default in the manual. Fun stuff !!

Larry G26143261442614526146