View Full Version : My IP telephone is acting up

October 29th, 2006, 10:00 AM
Since about 1.5 years ago, I've been using IP telephony through a special box and a regular phone (i.e. not calling using my computer). Most of the time it has worked, with some outages.


Recently, I switched broadband provider to the same provider as the one who runs the IP telephone (previously I used a different one), and now the problems are gathering up. From time to time, the light on front of the phone box is flashing erronously. Since Saturday, it hasn't worked at all. Case in point is the old provider offered up to five IP addresses per customer, without login requirement, while the new one gives out one or at most two addresses, and at least on the computer I need to logon.

Last night I searched the Internet for some docs or solutions, and found some interesting information, but nothing that really helped me. I managed to restart the phone box, it got an IP number and it kind of worked for a few minutes.

Today I've been in touch with the phone support thrice, speaking to different people who have different methods of trying to solve my problems. I describe the symptoms, and everyone act surprised, in particular since my Internet connection (going through the phone box - I don't have a router, switch or anything else) is still working fine.

I believe it is the box that for some reason has given up the ghost, but they'd rather not have customers send in boxes that are not clearly faulty. To make matters worse, I'm calling from my mobile (a zero cost call) and they make you wait for 15+ minutes before even taking the call... I'm on the phone right now and this call has lasted 34 minutes and counting...


At least these support guys are trying to be helpful...

November 9th, 2006, 11:30 PM
Oh, the irony!

I called in last Monday, after more than a week and asked what the status was: not yet fixed, but they'd put more priority onto it. So yesterday (Thursday) after about eleven days, it started to come to life in the evening. A short power outage however broke the connection, but I'm somewhat sure it would be possible to restart.

Then today I get a SMS telling that a new phone box is on its way. :roll: Hopefully that one will work even better.