View Full Version : A new Google Groups S100Computers forum

October 10th, 2015, 01:11 PM
To supplement the current approaches to maintaining a continuing forum on S100 boards described on the S100Computers web site I have setup a Googles Group “S100Computers” forum. The main idea will be to track status, orders and bugs etc. of any new S100 bus boards (by anybody). My track record in keeping track of the 10’s if not 100’s of new S100 boards via e-mails , diverse postings on multiple sites etc, was not great. Hopefully this will help.

I will use it as the primary source to announce new S100 boards, to field questions and get back comment on old ones. I understand that Andrew will be closing down the N8VEM wiki and email groups an that others will restart/move the "concept" to a new site. This Google Group is not meant to replace that much broader effort but solely to handle new S100Computers.com boards or new S100 boards by others.

The link is at the bottom of www.S100Computrs.com Could you take a look, feel free to join.