View Full Version : Imaging Roland Quickdisks (2.8")

November 28th, 2015, 04:21 PM
So I just picked up a Roland MT-100 with a ton of floppies:


There's obviously original Roland stuff there as well as a ton of user-made disks. It looks like this machine came from a teaching studio. These would contain MIDI sequences & possibly custom instruments; some of it probably found nowhere else. Honestly I have no idea how many of the disks still work, but it would be nice to image them all before bit rot gets them & throw them up online for enthusiasts to sort through.

So what's the best way to get the contents of these onto a PC? The MT-100 can possibly do SysEx dumps of the contents but I don't know if that produces a 'true' disk image containing everything that can be written back or used with an emulator.

AFAIK these disks *didn't have* a filesystem, all the data was just written to the disk in a stream. That might make things easier ... or not, who knows.

Note that I don't have anything useful like a 2.8" drive for a computer. Just the MT. I'm not averse to buying something that would do the job if it can be had for reasonably cheap though.

(Also note that I am aware of the common drive belt failure with these things, no need to tell me about it. ;) )