View Full Version : Kenmore Computer Technologies ZTime-1--got hardware, need disks/info

December 14th, 2015, 01:56 AM
Hey all, I've got a ZTime-1 board, populated, that I'd like to add to my Ampro LB+. I found the review in TCJ #24, so I've got a good idea what it is and the generalities of how it works.

The article mentions extensive documentation and a utilities disk that sets and reads time as well as having demo programs in several of the common languages for CP/M at the time.

I haven't turned any of this up at bitsavers or elsewhere that I've looked, yet.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I see what looks like some code for ZCPR or something on the Walnut Creek CP/M CD-ROM, failing all else I'll look at that and the code in TCJ and the RTC's data sheet to see if I can figure out my own read/write routines. But the original programs would be nice. ;)