View Full Version : looking for info on Quadram Quadcolor II

January 3rd, 2016, 08:07 PM
Esteemed colleagues;

I'm looking for information on the Quadram Quadcolor II graphics board. This is a daughterboard which plugs into the Quadcolor I to add extra display memory and supposedly the ability to display >100 colors. The Quadcolor I seems to be an ordinary CGA board, so I'm curious about how they accomplished the extra colors. It seems like this would not be possible with a digital RGBI monitor. The internet has so far revealed only ads for the Quadcolor II and they are silent on the issue of monitor requirements for the extended mode(s).

Does anybody have any documentation archived for this board? Dusty recollections? A copy of the accompanying floppy/floppies which supposedly contain "drivers" (maybe just a hack for BASIC?) and programming examples? I'm not sure I've ever heard of any other software which support the Quadcolor II modes specifically.