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January 10th, 2016, 01:23 PM

I just have opened my M24 as I hoped it has a Corvus Omninet network card, but now I have found out that it is Fox Research 10 Net nework card. The cableing seems to be very similar to Omninet, but I think they aren't compatible, right?

Network card

Rear connector of the 10-net card

I have found this article which describes the network: click (https://books.google.de/books?id=k3Wu-GT3NdIC&pg=PA223&lpg=PA223&dq=fox+research+10+net+interface&source=bl&ots=Mpdb1-FhtH&sig=QGkphGlzT1bZ_HJYz-_iPMHsHSQ&hl=de&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjIhpn9h6DKAhXGRg8KHYstC-4Q6AEIJjAB#v=onepage&q=fox%20research%2010%20net%20interface&f=false)

January 10th, 2016, 03:05 PM
The Fox 10-net setup is ethernet, not Omninet. Can do 1Mbps over UTP. Later became 10-Net, then I think DCA bought them. Corvus was already in Chapter 11 when 10-net began shipping.

The actual net protocol software, as far as I can determine, is proprietary and not even compatible version-to-version.