View Full Version : 520st + various monitors, comparison

January 26th, 2016, 08:29 PM
+ SC1224 (late model, Samsung manufactured IINM)

+ Commodore 1084s (also a late model, w/the button that never stays in)

+ early NEC Multisync

+ what ever else . . .

I'm interested in image quality, let's say in text modes. Authenticity or whatever is not my concern here. Clearly the NEC will be the undisputed champ of the 3 mentioned. Both the 1084s and the NEC presumably will need a special hookup. Doable.

Is there really any significant difference between the SC1224 and the 1084s???

I don't have an Atari at the moment, *something* is on it's way. I also contemplated hooking it up to something like a Tandy VM-1 . . . just to learn that it outputs 15.75khz (even in 400 line mode???). Either I'm forgetting something I learned, or am just ignorant of how this is possible, apart from interlaced scanning. I was under the impression Atari STs didn't use that.

But regardless how do the Atari and Commie monitors stack up? I rate Commie monitors highly, but not necessarily for text quality.

If someone has a handle of it's video system, and don't mind filling me in, that would be great.

Edit: Ok, didn't know the color and mono monitors (SM124 and SC1224) were that different. The mono monitor uses a 35.7khz signal. Now it's clear.

January 29th, 2016, 07:45 AM
The SC1224 has a nice picture, but the 1084 is decent too...and bigger.

I would say it depends on personal preference, how authentic a setup you want, etc.

Yes, the color monitor will do low and medium res display modes for games. If you want high res non-interlaced mode you need to use the mono monitor.

Alternatively, they used to sell a gizmo allowing you to connect a multisync monitor that would sync down to 15kHz that was switchable between color and mono modes. The problem is that the early multisyncs capable of syncing that low are a lot harder to find.

January 29th, 2016, 07:49 AM
From my feeble memory, I would give a slight edge to the Atari monitor in picture quality, as it seemed like it had better blacks and maybe a slightly better dot pitch... but it is noticeably smaller (12 vs 14"). I think the 1084 is more versatile though, because depending on which version you get, you can also do composite video, y/c, analog RGB and CGA-compatible RGB from the same display (and the 'S' model has stereo speakers in it).

January 30th, 2016, 12:17 AM
yes I know that's supposed to be the case with the 1084s, but for some reason I could get CGA on mine. I'll try it again in some space.

I passed up the opportunity to buy the SC1224 anyway. I am interested in color needless to say, but not a monitor that won't support the 400 line mode/s. The Atari also uses a fairly high vertical refresh, which rules out the 400 line monitors I own (Tandy 2000, NEC APC III, etc.). Seems an AT & T 6300 monitor comes close, perhaps also VGA (or an IBM 5175).

I do have an original NEC M*.