View Full Version : Zenith MS-DOS 3 for Z-100 VS Z-100 PC?

February 29th, 2016, 05:55 PM
There are two distinct versions of MS-DOS 1.25 (Z-DOS) and 2.x for Zenith machines. One for the Z-100 Series (not IBM compatible), and another for the confusingly named Z-100 PC series (IBM compatible).

Are there also two distinct versions of MS-DOS 3.x for these two series?

Searching around, the labeling on Zenith MS-DOS 3.x disks does not seem to distinguish itself as for one or the other. They didn't happen to make a single build for both did they?

Also, what was the last version of DOS for the Z-100 Series? (Obviously, the Z-100 PC Series should run vanilla MS-DOS up to 6.22)