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March 22nd, 2016, 04:58 AM
Hi! It is a new place for me. I like old computers and I like to write programs for them. I am not a collector. :cry: I have to use the emulators. However they are a bit poor for PC 5150 and worse for PC 5170. I mentioned PCE PC Emulator and PCem - I don't know other IBM PC emulators. My programs for PC are situated at http://litwr2.atspace.eu/ibm-5150/ibm-5150.html
Is it possible to ask to help to fill the "race" table by the real hardware data? The table is at http://litwr2.atspace.eu/pi/pi-spigot-benchmark.html. I am especially interested for PC 5150 (5160) and 5170 (6 MHz) data.
A lot of thanks in advance. I will be also happy by any feedback to my programs. :)