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April 28th, 2016, 08:00 AM
Hi All;

I have John's and Andrew's ZFDC Floppy Controller along with their Z-80 Master CPU Board..

And I have two Questions..

The first is about some of the console commands as to what they do and 'HOW' to correctly implement them ??
The following I am not sure of
D=DISP, F=FILL, J=TEST, S=SUBS, T=Type, W=PORT EDH.. I know what P=PORT does, but I don't know what it is telling me..

Of course I don't need B=68000, O=8086, which I would love to get rid of, and put in something that I really need..

The Second and really main Question is -- I have the ZFDC Board Plugged into the Altair, but it's Menu does not show up..
So, How do I access the ZFDC Board to make its menu show up on the Screen, instead of the Z-80 Board Menu ??
And 'How' do I put Programs/code into memory such as --
D3, 10, C3, 00, 00.. For checking the ZFDC Board ??

Here are some pictures..

30882 30883

30884 30885


April 28th, 2016, 05:06 PM
Hi All;

John, was kind enough to Answer my Questions, from His site, where I had copied the above posting..
Thank You, John..