View Full Version : Bsflite AIM: soon to be 16-bit

Mike Chambers
November 25th, 2006, 07:46 PM
hey everybody. with this being a vintage computing forum and all, i'm sure most of you are familiar with and/or have used the DOS AIM client bsflite on your older machines - http://bsflite.sourceforge.net

and if you have, you know it's 32-bit and requires as of now, CWSDPMI to run. so of course, this means no go on anything less than a 386. well, i've been in contact with the author, claudio leite, a bit recently. he said he's been "very interested" in making a 16-bit version for older machines. he just doesn't know the specifics on any of the old 16-bit DOS TCP stacks. i am supplying him with the Trumpet TCPDRV ABI specs, and will give him assistance if he needs it (which i doubt... i'm sure he can figure it out on his own from the docs heh)

but anyway, i was just letting you all know that there should be a 16-bit version for your real old PC's in the not too distant future. i know i'm excited! :biggrin:

i know... i'm a nerd!