View Full Version : IMSAI 8080 Paddle switches on ebay

June 12th, 2016, 06:34 AM
There are some NOS IMSAI 8080 paddle switches on ebay.

June 12th, 2016, 07:25 AM
k thanks?

there's some apple II disks there as well

June 12th, 2016, 05:08 PM
Can't find them!

June 12th, 2016, 05:22 PM
This looks like it:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/IMSAI-8080-NOS-paddle-switches-Correct-color-/142023234173?hash=item21113e927d:g:X4UAAOSwNsdXShO N

June 13th, 2016, 07:43 AM
There are 2 auctions, one for 2 switches and the other for 4 with choice of paddle colors.

June 13th, 2016, 07:09 PM
You can get new switches for less from retrocomputing, AND from IMSAI.

Don't feed eBay when you don't have to.

June 13th, 2016, 08:24 PM
That did seem a little steep for a couple of switches. Surely someone can 3D print up a bunch of toggle handles for less. The switch mechs themselves should be pretty standard, even today.

June 13th, 2016, 08:28 PM
I've seen previous auctions that just sold the plastic paddle for $11, and he sold out.
So guess the extra $4 is for the switch.
Ebay and PayPal fee's are quite high, so it really doesn't pay to sell small low price items.
On a $15 item after the ebay and PP fees, your lucky to end up with $10.

June 13th, 2016, 08:33 PM
Did the IMSAI originals use the eye-type terminals or did they use solder pins like the MITS systems?

June 16th, 2016, 07:40 AM
Looks like a set of 4 sold the other day.
Another set of 4 is listed again.

June 21st, 2016, 06:48 AM
Price went down on the switches. I thought that the price was a bit high for them.

June 25th, 2016, 09:00 AM
Looked at the sellers feedback. He had 3 feedback postings on the switches. The buyers seem to be happy with them, and one stated that the color's match the original switches.

July 25th, 2016, 01:16 PM
The seller didn't relist them after the last listing expired.
Guess if you wanted to buy them, you could send him a email from the ended auction asking him to relist them for as many as you need.

July 25th, 2016, 04:22 PM
What is your fixation with the Seller's IMSAI switches?

Are you the Seller looking for free advertising?

July 25th, 2016, 06:29 PM
Nope, I'm not that seller on ebay.
Some time ago I needed some switch paddles for my IMSAI and they were more expensive than these so thought that I would give a heads up to anyone that needs some.
Now, I'm sorry that I posted the info...

I see other people on this forum selling their old s100 boards, chassis and other items.
Do you complain about them getting "Free Advertising" also?

July 25th, 2016, 07:03 PM
Nope. I don't see anything wrong with letting people know that you have something you want to sell. Just be up front about it when selling. And don't post about it all the time, or keep posting to keep the Thread at the top of the section. This is not CraigsList.

July 25th, 2016, 07:34 PM
I had just noticed that the listing ended about 3 weeks ago, and mentioned it.
It seemed that since there were close to 600 views of this thread, there was interest in them.

July 26th, 2016, 02:13 AM
When I want parts for my IMSAI, I start at IMSAI. ;-)


July 26th, 2016, 11:42 AM
When I want parts for my IMSAI, I start at IMSAI. ;-)


Is there some special handshake or trick that you need to perform to get the guys at IMSAI to respond to email? I've been trying to order a couple of parts (bracket for mounting the switches and set of mounting screws) from them for over a month now, and they don't seem to responding.

July 26th, 2016, 01:16 PM
Based on some things said on earlier threads their response time has been spotty at best. I haven't had any problems.....yet. ;-)

Take a look here:


July 27th, 2016, 03:41 AM
When I want parts for my IMSAI, I start at IMSAI. ;-)


One of the problems is the last time I talked with Todd at IMSAI he had no more blue switch paddles. He saiid that he would have to place a minimum order of 3000 to replenish stock and he wasn't prepared to do that. The red NKK paddles are pretty close in hue and would not look unusual if you replaced them all at once but as you have probably seen the the NKK blue paddle is a turquoise color so it is not a good replacement. So, AFAIK, the blue paddles/switches are unobtainium outside of eBay or collectors' parts stashes.