View Full Version : NCR 725 (NCR 605 Processor)

DoPECC Harry
June 17th, 2016, 04:53 AM
I have recently acquired an NCR 725 in reasonable condition, and am considering its prospects for restoration.

It is based on the NCR 605 Processor, a 16-bit CPU built entirely in small-scale TTL.

A description and pictures are on my site at http://www.dopecc.net/compcat/NCR/NCR725-1dsn.html

I'm badly in need of any and all tech info and/or software info.
It seems like NCR trained their folks well and I've found some information from a few old NCR folks, but not yet enough.
The 605 was in a few NCR machines (listed on the site) so info on those machines could help too.

Thanks for having a look and for any info that anyone may have.
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be able to help.